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Committee Assignments

Standing Committees:

Finance: Kornbluth (Chair); Marte; Rivera
Police: Rivera (Chair); Kornbluth; Pascual
Fire: Lodato (Chair); Deauna; Pascual
DPW/Parks: Marte (Chair); Kornbluth; Rivera
Building & Grounds: Deauna (Chair); Lodato; Marte
Community Affairs: Pascual (Chair); Deauna; Lodato

Council Liaison for Various Boards and Committees:

Ambulance Corps: Kornbluth
Barrier Free Advisory Committee: Deauna
Board of Education: Marte
Board of Health: Deauna
Community Response Team: Pascual
Environmental Committee: Rivera
Emergency Management: Kornbluth
Library Board: Lodato
Mayor's Senior Citizens Committee: Deauna
Municipal Alliance Committee: Deauna
Planning Board: Lodato
Recreation Committee: Kornbluth
Rent Leveling Board: Pascual
Shade Tree Committee: Pascual
Site Plan: Rivera 
Stigma Free Committee: Lodato
Traffic Safety Committee: Rivera 
Veterans Advisory Committee: Marte
Zoning Board of Adjustment: Marte