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2015 Requests for Qualifications

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The Borough is soliciting Qualification Statements from interested persons and/or firms for the provision of professional services and extraordinary unspecifiable services.

Through a Request for Qualification process decribed herein, persons and/or firms interested in assisting the Borough with the provision of such services must prepare and submit a Qualification Statement in accordance with the procedure and schedule in this RFQ.  The Borough will review Qualification Statements only from those firms that submit a Qualification Statement that includes all the information required to be included as described herein (in the sole judgement of the Borough).  The Borough intends to qualify person(s) and/or firm(s) that (a) possesses the professional, financial and administrative capabilities to provide the proposed services, and (b) will agree to work under the compensation terms and conditions determined by the Borough to provide the greatest benefit to the taxpayers of the Borough.  The Borough will consider Qualification Statements only from individuals, firms or organizations that have demonstrated the capability and willingness to provide high quality services as required by the Borough.  All appointments shall be made in accordance with the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40A:60-5, Chapter 50 of the Code of the Borough of Bergenfield, and any other statutes or regulations thay may apply.

Please download the document enclosed for the 2015 RFQ. 

2015 Requests for Qualifications