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Trash & Recycling Guidelines

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Curbside Pick-Up
(Items are to be placed at curbside no sooner than 6PM the evening before or before 7AM in the morning)

Paper Products Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper.
Tied/bundled or placed in brown paper bags, no plastic bags or garbage cans. No hard cover books or plastic window envelopes. 
Commingled Material Rinse out all containers before recycling. Glass aluminum, tin or metal cans, plastic liquid bottles #1 or #2. Put in garbage cans, NO PLASTIC BAGS. 
*Do not mix with commingled recyclables:
Window glass, crockery, dishes, cups, flower pots, plastic utensils or toys.
Corrugated Cardboards Put out with newspapers. Flatten and tied. 
Grass/Brush Place in cans/biodegradable paper bags.
Brush 4 ft. tied in bundles. Pickup ends first week of October.
Leaves (No branches) Place curbside October 27th - December 14th.
Do not put leaves in the street after last pick-up in December.
Accumulated leaves after December must be held till February. 
White Goods and Scrap Metal Pick-up on Bulk day only.
Refridgerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners, etc.
(Water heaters ***PERMIT STICKER NEEDED *** 
Call Building Dept. 387-4055 x4 )
Latex Paint Cans Paint must be in solid form. Air dry or purchases hardener crystals. Put out with lids OFF on your bulk day. 
Business Cardboard Every Wednesday
Car & Rechargeable Batteries Bring to DPW. Household batteries are no longer being recycled.
Bulk - 4 times/year
Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
5 large pieces. No cardboard boxes. No rocks, cement, bricks, concrete or asphalt.
No construction debree/ renovation.
Tires Put out on Bulk day. Used motor oil -bring to DPW office $1.00 a gallon. 
Textiles & Garments Clothing, paired shoes and handbags ONLY. Twin Boro Lane by Hockey Court Dropoff.
NO household debris or furniture.
Clothing bins at hockey court at Twinboro Lane.
Garbage Can Size (32 gal. garbage can size. No heavier than 50 lbs. WHEN FILLED.)
Christmas Trees *Christmas trees will be picked-up on your recycling days in January only. 

All electronics and TV's are to be brought directly to the Bergenfield Recycling Center, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.